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We offer a range of services, including grounds maintenance, planting and daily garden maintenance works.

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Do You Struggle to Maintain Your Grounds or Garden?

Whether you’re a business or homeowner, we recognise maintenance works can be timely. At Peter Haskins Landscaping, we complete all projects in a timely manner and to the highest standard.

We offer personalised quotations for all of your maintenance and landscaping needs. We work alongside garden designers to ensure we are maximising the space and area.

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Lawn Maintenance

Cutting, Collection, Fertilising, Weed control, Strimming

Hard Surface Maintenance

Sweeping Kerblines, Blowing Works Arising, Weed Control, Moss Control

Shrub Maintenance

Pruning, Hedgecutting, Fertilising, Weed control, Strimming Edges

Other Services

Litter Collection, Other Works Arising as Needed

As professionals, we understand the importance of keeping your garden clean and presentable.

We understand that an unruly garden can leave you feeling uncomfortable and doesn’t portray the image you want. We appreciate the importance of aesthetics as evidenced in any number of our previous projects or current client sites.

We have a proven track record of delivering work to a consistently high standard and our clients speak to that. We pride ourselves on retaining clients and customers, and work hard to meet their needs, with regular interactions and site walks.

We work with you to help develop a personalised solution, specific to your needs and ensure we maximise the area, light and other aspects available at our disposal.

We provide both commercial and residential landscaping works

We Understand That You Need A Reliable Landscape Contractor.

With over twenty-five years experience in the landscaping industry, our company has a proven track record of being professional and dependable.

We pride ourselves on completing works to the highest standard. We ensure we remain up-to-date with the recent changes in the industry, including pesticides, trends and equipment.

Peter Haskins Landscaping has been caring for hundreds of residential and commercial properties since 1995, hail, rain or shine.

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